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Fitness & Fun

An Introduction to post natal pilates and yogo – Ingrid Palmer

Busylizzy run a range of postnatal fitness classes for mums. Our innovative approach to Pilates and Yoga takes traditional principles and tailors them for new mums, working those stubborn areas affected by pregnancy and labour, and toning the pelvic floor and abdominals! The best bit? You train with your baby right there with you! No childcare required. This workshop will provide an introduction to postnatal exercise, a hands-on demonstration of some of the key techniques and moves involved, and a chance to ask questions of our instructor, Ingrid.



Sleep, who needs more?

Sleep techniques

Hilary Sparkes is a qualified children’s/neonatal nurse as well as a mother of four. She completed a sleep practioners course in 2014 where gentle sleep techiques were explored up to the age of 8 years, how much sleep should your child have?  lifestyle changes to aid sleep and the effects of lack of sleep can have on the child and the family.




What to eat when growing a human?

Pregnancy is a time of emotional turmoil as you become excited about the life you are growing inside you and are responsible for. There’s also the tinge of regret that your body may never be the same again, morning sickness and other nasty symptoms set in, your energy disappears and, consequently, your desire to exercise. Add to this that relaxation seems to be a thing of the past as you have far too much to think about with plans for the future and nesting at home. Perhaps you lose your sex drive completely and become concerned how this is affecting your relationship with your partner. All of these issues are completely normal in pregnancy but, happily, also avoidable with a little bit of time and effort. Your emotional experience of pregnancy can affect both your health and that of your baby. Being happy and healthy will help you enjoy this special and unique time of life and this will, consequently, pass down to your baby and their arrival into this world.



Breastfeeding Journeys

Hilary Sparkes is an international accrediated lactation consultant  and breastfeeding councellor, who has worked for over 20 years supporting premature and term babies to successfully breastfeed and well as short and long term expressing of breast milk. She is also qualified children’s/neonatal nurse as well as a mother of four.



mellow mumma

Find the answers to a positive, empowered birth experience

Georgie Kirwan Ferreira - Hypnosis for birth practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

  • Have you ever wondered what hypnobirthing is all about?

  • Maybe you’ve heard good things but aren’t sure it’s right for you?

  • Perhaps you’re concerned whether it would ‘work’ or you’ve got a sceptical partner?

  • Maybe you’re totally bricking it about giving birth, and feel like you want to prepare but you’re kind of putting it off for the moment, a bit too anxious to have to think about the prospect of how this baby is actually going to come out?!

  • You’re quite possibly a bit of a control freak, you want to be totally empowered and to be able to own your birthing experience, but you think the ‘Hypno’ in hypnobirthing is just a bit weird and something only tree hugging hippies and silent, incense burning home-birthers are interested in?

If you or your partner, have answered yes’(or even maybe) to any of the above, no matter what kind of birth you’re planning, then please come along to find out more- I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reality of it all- and there’ll be no swinging pendulums or clucking chickens, I promise!




Bump, baby and business 

Natalie Bouckaert, Independent Consultant and District Manager with Arbonne, shares with you how she juggles a family, a home, a growing business and an amazing opportunity that’s changing her family’s future and the lives of her team. “Having gone from a corporate career to a full time mum, I felt that I had lost my identity and was overwhelmed by the challenges life was throwing at me – but all that’s changing now and the personal development, earning potential and flexibility I have with my Arbonne business is second to none. If you’re thinking about how you can balance a family life while generating a great income, come along and hear how this incredible opportunity could work for you”.



Daisy Birthing

Steph Melzack, antenatal educator

In every Daisy class or workshop we pride ourselves on unconditional support and informed choice through evidence based education. Daisy is not about one prescribed method or way – it is about the individual: The expectant or new mum, parents and infant, and supporting them to make the right choices for them.

In this short taster session, you will hear all about The Daisy Foundations Active Birth Preparation Classes for expectant mums.