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By submitting the signed Application & Agreement Form you agree to these terms.  You should print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your future reference. Please ensure you have read and understand the following:

Agreement - Event Terms and Conditions – IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE

Definitions. In these Terms and Conditions the term ‘EVENT’ shall mean the event specified in the Order Confirmation Form whose provisions are subject to these Terms and Conditions. ‘EXHIBITOR(S)’ shall include all employees, servants and agents of any Company, Partnership, Firm or individual to whom stand space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting. The term ‘ORGANISERS’ shall mean SO Creative Events. ‘VENUE’ means the Venue at which the Event is to take place, as per the Application section of this document.

  1. The Organisers shall be entitled to use and reproduce the Exhibitor’s name, trademark and logo in connection with the promotion and production of the Event, unless previously agreed.

  2. The cost of exhibiting is as set out in the Exhibitors Application Form.

  3. Stand space will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis, and where possible, meeting with the Exhibitor’s choice and preference. The submission of an application on the Exhibitors Application form above, together with the final allocation by the Organiser, followed by the written acceptance (within 2 working days) by the Exhibitor of stand space and full payment, shall be deemed to be a contract in acceptance of and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Please note that any stand space is available to be altered until final confirmation and agreement has been made.  The Organisers shall reserve the right to refuse any application for stand space or prohibit any exhibit without assigning any reason for such refusal or prohibition. Should it be necessary to revise the layout of the Event for any purpose, the Organisers reserve the right to alter the positions of stands as, in their opinion, may be required in the best interest of the Exhibitors.

  4. No exclusivity is offered to any Exhibitor regarding a particular product or services unless stated above on Page 1. The Organiser will use reasonable measures to ensure similar exhibitors are not positioned in a similar area of the event/venue although there is no guarantee

  5. All measures are taken to adhere to the floor plan and the stand allocations agreed. The floor plan is shared with Exhibitors solely for information purposes and does not confirm that an Exhibitor will be situated in the stand shown or that they will/will not be in close proximity to other listed exhibitors. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any errors within the floor plan or show guide.

  6. The Exhibitor may enter the Event premises for the purpose of erecting, installing and preparing the exhibits on such date and times as are advised by the Organiser. All stands must be completed and ready for the Event opening by 09.30 hours on the day of the Event. In the event of an Exhibitor failing to take possession of the allocated stand space at least 1 hour before, the Organisers reserve the right to re-allocate or otherwise deal with the stand space as they decide. The Exhibitor will be deemed to have cancelled the Stand Space and the Cancellation Fee (as set out below) will be payable.

  7. The Exhibitor agrees to comply with all requests made by the Organiser and/or Venue and is bound by any rules and regulations imposed by the Venue owner when attending the Exhibition. This includes during ‘Build Up’ and ‘Break Down'.

  8. If Exhibitors wish to share their stand space with another company or person, this must be requested and agreed prior to the Event, with written approval from SO Creative Events. The Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or divide any Stand Space without the prior written approval from the Organiser. This includes permission to promote other services/businesses who are not the Exhibiting business.

  9. The Organisers will be present throughout the duration of the event, but shall be under no liability for loss or damage. The Exhibitor and its employees and agents must comply with all requests from the Organiser or its members or employees. No equipment of a hazardous or dangerous nature may be used or employed or brought onto the premises of the event. The Exhibitor must comply with the Venue’s fire regulations.

  10. No Exhibitor will be permitted to set up their display, which in the opinion of the Organisers, interrupts the light or restricts the view along the walkways. Walkways must be kept clear and must not be obstructed in any way. Plans for specifically built individual stands must be submitted to the Organisers for approval before construction is ordered. Exhibitors are not permitted to distribute literature beyond the boundaries of their stand space or in any other part of the Venue.  No exhibit of any kind, which in the view of the Organiser, will become a nuisance to other Exhibitors or visitors will be permitted. Exhibitors must stop immediately at the request of the Organiser any act which in the opinion of the Organiser may be a nuisance to other Exhibitors or visitors. Failure to comply with any such requests by the Organiser shall entitle the Organiser to close the stand. The Exhibitor is responsible for the removal of rubbish and waste materials on or around its stand, both pre-show and as break down commences.

  11. The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that its exhibit is maintained in a clean and presentable state during the event. During the SO Creative Event, the Exhibitors shall not; bring or distribute alcoholic drinks into the event, operate games of chance or lottery without prior agreement, display material exposing an unfinished surface, use microphone or loudspeakers. Laptop and presentation equipment can be used with prior arrangement.

  12. Timings and schedules for build-up, exhibiting and breakdown hours will be specified by the Organiser. Exhibit breakdown shall not begin before the close of the Exhibition and must be completed by the end of the Breakdown schedule. All charges for failure to remove exhibit material or property belonging to the Exhibitor by the end of the Breakdown period, will be the Exhibitors responsibility. Exhibitors are not permitted to remove any stock, furniture or PR material prior to the show closure and will incur a penalty fine, upto 50% of the confirmed stand price, if found doing so. 

  13. No nails, screws or other fixtures may be used in any part of the venue structure including floors. No vehicles may enter the Event Venue. Should any damage occur, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for any repair charges incurred.

  14. The Organiser does not accept any responsibility for failure of the electrical equipment, installation or supply. Items requiring an electricity supply may not be brought to the Venue without the prior approval by the Organiser.  Neither ‘SO Creative Events’, nor the Venue will be held responsible for a lack or lapse of wi-fi service or mobile phone signal during the event.  All electrical appliances must be PAT tested in advance and no equipment that would require more than a 13 amp domestic socket are to be used.

  15. The Organiser refuses any responsibility for the condition and performance of the Exhibitors own electrical equipment and reserves the right to remove any that do not comply with the agreement or meet the Venue’s standards. 

  16. Exhibitors that wish to play music on their stand are advised that the Organiser does not hold a licence for this. Exhibitors must advise the Organiser of their intention before requesting applicable licences, in order to do this.

  17. Whilst the Organiser will take every reasonable precaution to ensure security and safety at the event, the Organiser will not, in any way, be liable for any loss or damage from any cause whatsoever in relation to the event.

  18. Customer Data that includes data relating to any purchases of goods and/or services such as your name, title, billing address, delivery address email address, phone number, contact details, purchase details and your card details. We process this data to supply the goods and/or services you have purchased and to keep records of such transactions. Our lawful ground for this processing is the performance of a contract between you and us and/or taking steps at your request to enter into such a contract. 

  19. Exhibitors will be listed in promotional material for the said event and may include logo’s and other information as detailed on this form, relating to contact details for the individual and/or organisation. SO Creative Events shall be entitled to pass on all contact details to the event contractors and to third parties who provide goods and services that may be of interest to you. If you wish to opt out of having personal contact details used in any of the ways listed above, please confirm this in writing to the Organiser before receiving confirmation in writing.

  20. No photographs, recording or video of the Event shall be made by the Exhibitor. The Organiser agrees that the Exhibitor may record, broadcast and/or take photographs or video of the Exhibitors Event stand space and Exhibitor’s personnel as part of the recording of the event in general. No footage of the audience should be recorded unless written consent is given by each audience member.

  21. The Exhibitor may cancel or reduce the Stand Space at any time prior to the date of the relevant event by notice in writing to the Organiser via sarah@socreativeevents.co.uk . The following cancellation fees will apply;
    - 50% of the Total Cost of the stand (as set out in the Agreement Form) if the written notice of cancellation is received by the Organiser on or before 1st December 2018 for babytodd & beyond Bump, Baby &Toddler Retail Show West Sussex, on 9th March 2019
    - 100% of the Total Cost of the stand (as set out in the Agreement Form) if the written notice of cancellation is received by the Organiser on or after 1st September 2018 for babytodd & beyond Bump, Baby &Toddler Retail Show West Sussex, 9th March 2019
    - The Organiser will refund the amount paid by the Exhibitor up to the two dates above for the relevant event, less the applicable cancellation fee within 60 days of receipt of the Exhibitors cancellation notice.

  22. In the event that the Organiser cancels the Event, the full stand cost (as detailed above) relating to the cancelled Event will be returned to the Exhibitor within 180 days of cancellation. The Organisers liability shall be limited to such refund. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by an Exhibitor as a result of such cancellation. Refunds of charges, are limited to only those detailed in this agreement with no further liability to the Organiser

  23. If SO Creative Events takes the decision to cancel or postpone the Event, due to reasons beyond its control, all exhibition stand fee monies received will be reimbursed within 180 days. Cancellation or postponement may be due in whole or in part to the Venue becoming unavailable/Act of God/any other matter beyond the control of the Organiser. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss incurred by the Exhibitor

  24. Further to the Insurance confirmation as stated in the Application form, the Organiser will not be held responsible should the Exhibitor fail to ensure that their stand and/or sharers are adequately insured for public and/or employer liability insurance against personal injury, death and damage to or loss of property. The Organiser, nor the Venue, will be held responsible for any loss of property or stock left in the building during the previous night, or on either the day of the event or the night during and day after. It is strongly recommended that the Exhibitor seek and secure the advice of their insurance provider to ensure adequate cover is in place.

  25. All personnel entering the show facility must comply with all current health and safety legislation. Risk Assessments should be conducted and retained by all Exhibitors prior to the event. All electrical wiring and cables must be clear of the floor. No packing materials or empty boxes must be stored on or behind stands. Fire Points and Exits must be kept clear at all times. The Exhibitor must adhere to all fire and safety regulations which affect the Event

  26. This agreement fully represents the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements (written or verbal)

  27. Exemptions from any of these Terms and Conditions may be granted at the Organisers’ discretion. No exemption will be effective unless it is given in writing

  28. Law and Jurisdiction. These Terms and Conditions and any contract included shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes regarding them shall be determined by the English courts.

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