Top 5 Summer Party Trends

May 31, 2018

With summer here (for the time being, anyway), it’s time to look forward to the biggest new trends in children’s parties during those warmer months. Anyone with a summer baby will know the joy of having a party in the sunshine - but how do you really take advantage of all the wonderful trends set to take us by storm this year? Here’s my top 5 picks for summer children’s party ideas for 2018. 



Ice Cream Parties


Yes, they’re a thing, and yes, I basically think adults should totally be allowed in on this one too. Ice cream parties have long been a staple of any Australian child, but they’re only just beginning to see popularity in other parts of the world too. The concept is super simple; create a huge ice cream bar on your party table, complete with loads of fun toppings, flavours and wafers and let the kids go wild! But the fun doesn’t stop there- theme the whole party around it by using cute ice-cream motif decorations, balloons and tableware; the only limit is your imagination! And if a whole tub of salted caramel flavour accidentally ‘goes missing’, well you’ve got a whole party of kids to blame it on.




Jungle Parties 


Wicked-a, wicked-a, for this year jungle is indeed massive. Not so much the genre of music (although I would genuinely recommend the radio-version stuff to pump up the energy at a children’s party!), but more the Rainforest. These parties are particularly great if you have a large garden, as your backdrop is already there to play around with! Add bold splashes of colour for a ‘Rio carnival’ feel, or go mad with animal prints for a safari look. The other great thing about the jungle theme is that it’s pretty universal, and great for a really wide range of ages, so if you’re looking for something which will appeal across the board then you really can’t go wrong with a tiger!






Long may this trend continue for the rest of 2018 and beyond, but there’s surely one word on everyone’s lips this year, and that’s ‘sustainability.’ Whether you like it or not, children’s parties create a lot of waste, and the big trend that I’m already seeing is parents who want to know how they can try and tackle this head on. For some reason I also find that being outside also makes me want to be kinder to the environment; there’s nothing more depressing than seeing a plastic bag stuck on a bush of beautiful flowers, is there? Although it might seem like a total maze at the moment, there are actually a lot of really good sustainable options for your party whcih you might not even know about. Take balloons, for example; did you know you can buy 100% biodegradable ones which are natural latex? You could literally put them in your compost bin and they would happily decompose.


You can buy them online and in-store at Fairkind Child of Horsham.






Forget loud, proud and neon- this year it’s all about the super chill festival vibes when it comes to party decor. If you’re hosting anything like a fairy, mermaid or princess party, then think Glastonbury a-la Jo Wood rather than Ronnie. We’re talking natural canvas, tipis, muted pinks, golds and blues, along with glitter a-plenty, of course. Lots of companies offer ‘glitter festival’ professionals instead of face-painters, which personally I think is a wonderful idea, especially as the cosmetic glue used to apply glitter is hypoallergenic  (so good for almost any skin type), and very easy to get off. Chairs are apparently out- the new thing is low tables, comfy cushions and bedouin-style picnic rugs. The whole feel of it should be slightly mysterious and magical desert camp where your little ones can let their imaginations run wild.


Oh, and ribbons. Just ribbons everywhere. 




Scavenger Hunt


One thing I’m really into at the moment is the re-emergence of traditional games and activities for children; I think it’s partly down to the royal children having a distinctly vintage style, but also a desire from parents to get kids off the tech and actually engaging with the world around them, but it’s all about the old school. If you’ve got children aged 6 or older then a scavenger hunt is a great idea; pop little items around the garden with a letter attached to them and then give the children clues as to where the letters are. The letters should all spell out a word, and once they complete the word they win a prize! Not only is this a great way to get 10 minutes (ok, maybe 6) of peace and quiet, but it’s non-competitive- there’s not a special prize for doing it the fastest, and if anyone struggles you can help and they can still get a prize at the end. Interesting, engaging and fun- everything a party game should be!




Of course, if you’d love a party where everything runs smoothly and you can sit back and enjoy the day, then why not book one of our wonderful professional party entertainers? We also offer complete party packages; you just turn up, and we do everything else! For more information please visit our website at 



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