Just Take 10 Minutes

March 29, 2019


Are we, as women and mothers, give ourselves permission to contemplate the thought, in just taking a 10 minute break?


You may say, “How can I even think about taking 10 minutes when there are chores to be done; the washing, the cooking, the cleaning and my baby that is constantly calling me for my attention?”


What would happen if taking that 10 minutes would refresh you and give you the energy you need to get through your day?


What would happen if just making yourself that cup of tea, taking some deep breaths and finding that inner solitude that doesn’t belong to anyone else but you?


What would happen if you did give yourself this time and the sacred space of the present moment to just be and say, “You know what everything and everyone can wait.”


Is it possible by taking this time out, even though there may be chaos circling around you, would enable you to be a more effective and grounded mother?


You may wonder how you will make these steps.


You may wonder how you can take the time when there is so much to do! But you will be amazed that if it is something that you really want, you will find a way, you will make a way, you will take action and say, “This is ‘me’ time and I will do what I can to get there! And I won’t let anyone of anything stop me from getting there.”

And yes this may mean in putting yourself first for just a little while.


Can you give yourself permission today in taking time out only for the beautiful and exquisite woman that you are?


My name is Lela Starseed and I run groups in Sussex to encourage women in expressing themselves and give them total permission in saying to themselves, “This is what I want in my life and these are the steps I will take to get there.” I encourage women to stand in their power and say a massive YES to life and NO to what is no longer serving them.


What is stopping you today in finding your voice and claiming your power?


Many blessings 

Lela Starseed


07925 831118


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